#theStruggle: My Own Personal Weight Loss Challenge

Whenever the temperature warms up, we all feel this urge to get the pounds off. Maybe not ALL of us, but definitely some of my family and friends do.

All my life I’ve struggled with my weight – even as and when I wasn’t what you would call “big”. When I would be in dance class and all the other girls were skinny and lean, I would always think that I was the fattest. Of course I wasn’t, I actually had a pretty banging body back in the day, I just never could see myself for what I really looked like.

Now, I am just plain ole’ out of shape and in serious need of a body transformation!

So on Monday (May 14) I began my own little personal weight loss challenge. I have until the end of July to lost at least 15-20 pounds. I think that is reasonable if I continue to exercise on a daily basis and be mindful of what I eat.

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

Do you have extra pounds you need to get rid of for the summer?

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