There’s Enough Success For Everyone


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to formally meet fellow blogger Jehrod Alain at a local event. I knew of him and was familiar with his work, but had never been able to introduce myself and talk about writing and building a brand and all that good stuff.  It was definitely worth the wait.

Immediately into our conversation, we began talking about living with purpose, being authentic and keeping positive people in your circle. He shared some of his favorite authors and a little bit about his background as and when we somehow got into the topic of competition.

I’ve never believed much in competition. I mean, obviously you want to be the best out of everyone else that’s doing what you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean you have competitors. 

I feel like there is no one on this Earth who can do what I do, the exact way I would do it. No one else has my mind, my unique abilities or my creativity. I am in my own lane; therefore I compete against no one. I don’t bother myself with what the next person is doing because I truly believe that there is more than enough success for everyone. I look at it that way because I believe God put us all here for a reason. He made only one of us – even twins, triplets, etc. have unique personalities – because we all have our own paths to take in life.

Where I come from people seem to feel threatened by someone who is in the same business they’re in. Not only do they feel threatened, they go out of their way to explain why they are better…all the while I’m thinking, “are you trying to convince me or yourself?” When you are following your purpose, you don’t need validation from anyone. You know without a doubt that you can and will win.

My whole point in saying all this is that you must always, always be yourself and “do you.”  If you stay true to yourself and what you’ve been called to do, you can never go wrong.


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