The World’s Most Marijuana Friendly Countries (INFOGRAPHIC)

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One country is on track to be the first to regulate the production, consumption and marketing of marijuana.

Uruguay is currently making waves with legislation that recently passed to create a marijuana industry controlled by the state. President José Mujica supports the bill and counters the argument that legalization will result in people resorting to heavier drugs.

“It’s actually the opposite,” he told CNN. “”People seek crack and other more dangerous poisons as and when they have no access to marijuana.”

Economical aspects such as the price and quality of the product will depict the extent of the government’s role with the industry. Although Uruguay sets a precedent with its views on marijuana, the expansive use of it is not uncommon in other parts of the world. North Korean soldiers and manual laborers utilize the drug for relaxing purposes. Many European and South American countries decriminalized marijuana in minimal doses.

At the federal level, marijuana remains illegal and President Obama shows no signs of giving support to favor changing the law “at this point.” The administration spent a tremendous amount thus far regarding usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

There is much debate to be had regarding legalizing marijuana within the United States. With people such as Uruguay’s President, José Mujica, and other countries supporting marijuana in some capacity, who knows what other issues get altered in the future? Will the United States change views on the matter or stay firm on their decision?

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Jan Diehm

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