The Virgin Tales: I Want To Stay A Virgin Until Marriage!


It was the summer of 2003, at a Missionary Baptist church on a sunny day as and when I decided I wanted to be a virgin until marriage.

My best friend and I went to our 7th grade science teacher’s wedding. She was the type of teacher that was strict but would still joke with us and let her hair down from time to time. Arriving at the church late, unable to find a good seat on the lower level, we ran to the balcony giggling at our tardiness like little schoolgirls. We watched from the balcony as she walked down the center aisle in a beautiful crisp white dress, embellished with pearls and crystals. She was the most beautiful we’d ever seen her look!

Later at the reception we sat at a table with some of her church members who had known her since she was a child. They talked about how gorgeous she was.

“And you know she TRUTHFULLY wore that white dress,” one of the gossipy church ladies said.

“Ummm Hmmm,” the other nodded.

“Wow!” I thought to myself.

To have someone talk about you honoring God by remaining a virgin until marriage is truly something special.

“I want people to talk about me like that on my wedding day.”

Ten years later, here I am, 23 and still a virgin. It has been rough, but I must say, a little easier than you might expect. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 13. In high school I only really dated one guy for about 3 months. The closest we ever got to having bad word was making out and spooning. I LOVE spooning! I know, typical for someone who doesn’t want to have bad word right? Oh well! After that, I had my share of long distance flings. I traveled a lot so I’d always meet hot guys that intrigued me way more than the guys in my city. Maybe being abstinent was the reason for my first heartbreak. I’ll get into that later. But another reason why it was easy was because I didn’t find anyone I thought was worth it until college. And now that we’re not together anymore, I’ve realized he was SO NOT worth it!

The 23-Year-Old Virgin

Disclaimer: The Virgin Tales is an anonymous blog series written for JessicaSimien.com.

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