The Virgin Tales: Everybody’s Doing It…Except Me, Ha!

Virgin Tales

Its the summer going into my senior year of high school and I attended this leadership conference with other top-notch ambassadors from across all the country. I told y’all I traveled a lot and this was exactly the type of place where I would meet guys that I’d end up trying to have relationships with. This particular conference was in a very bad wordy, high profile party city in July and here we are, a bunch of high schoolers with NO CHAPERONES!

I don’t know what this organization was thinking as and when they planned this conference but on the very first night IT WENT DOWN!

It started with a hotel party; lights off, loud music, random lap dances, and you know, “innocent fun”. Then everyone dispersed and stuff got real. On my way to my room from the party, the guy who I’d just danced and flirted with coincidentally stuck his head out of his room and invited me in!

As I walked into the already dark room, I could tell where it was going. I didn’t mind though. He turned me on. He plopped me down on the queen-sized bed and we began to make out. He had nice lips. I’m a lip girl. I tried to slow things down by saying that I wanted to get to know him a little more before I turned up with mono from making out with a stranger. He thought that was cute.

“Ok, so lets rap,” Ghost said.

He was only trying to humor me. Asking me the basic “get to know you” questions. What’s your favorite color? What are your hobbies? What’s your favorite food? All while still getting it in here and there. Kissing and groping that is. Of course not bad word.

After a while, Ghost’s roommate came in and gave us the low-down on what the rest of the attendees were up to. He went down the list of all the couples that were “hooking up”. And not the kind we were doing; EVERYBODY was having bad word! It was like a freaking bad word frenzy on the first night! It was hilarious! Especially when his roommate looked at us with an inquisitive face like, “Yall too?!” I quickly made it known that that wasn’t happening!

After Ghost’s roommate left, we continued to fool around. Making out, stripping to our underwear, tossing each other around (he was really doing all the tossing) and suddenly, he tried to pull my pink lace panties down. “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” I said quickly pulling them back up, reminding him that I barely knew him and was not about to go there. Then we ended up talking about my virginity and how special it was to me.

He tried to respect it by not trying to have bad word with me but he did try to finger me. It hurt. He even tried with his pinky; still didn’t get any better. It wasn’t pleasurable at all.

“Wow,” he thought. “She really is a virgin!”

At that time, neither of us knew that it was way more to it than that…

The 23-Year-Old Virgin

Disclaimer: The Virgin Tales is an anonymous blog series written for JessicaSimien.com.

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