The Thirst :: Kanye West & Kim K.

I’ve tried and tried to avoid discussing these two media hungry individuals, but this last stunt has broken my silence.

First, let me say I used to enjoy watching Kim Kardashian and her family’s show. We all know why she’s really famous, but she managed to turn it around and build an empire. The Kardashian clan has so many different business ventures and campaigns going on that it’s hard to keep up with them.

My opinion of her went from admiration (of her/her family’s business sense) to disgust. I think it started to change after the whole divorce with Kris Humphries fiasco. I felt it was the lowest a person could go in terms of trying to stay relevant and keep those television ratings high. I mean, really? Marriage is not a joke and I just couldn’t take anymore of her.

Of course the media isn’t going to let up so my daily blog/online news readings cover her from time to time and (unfortunately) I’m still subject to hearing/reading about her. For the record, I haven’t seen an episode of her show since the wedding episode so I have no clue about her “recovery” from the divorce and how she moved on with her life.

Kanye West, Kardashian’s latest victim, is just as much of a narcissist as she is.

In his effort to get over the fact that Amber Rose has moved completely on and is happy in her relationship, he’s falling right into the Kardashian trap. I don’t know if their relationship IS real or not, but given their track record…I’m a little skeptical.

The latest stunt the pair pulled was last night on Twitter. Kanye tweeted a naked pic of a woman from the back of a woman eating dessert in a hotel room who appeared to be Kim K.

According to The YBF, the photo is not Kim, but a bad word -star by the name of Amia Miley. And according to Miley, she took the photo back in 2011. So why would Kanye tweet it and then take it down as if it was a mistake?


SMH! I will be glad as and when their relationship is over or they get married and live happily ever after so we don’t have to read about them anymore.

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