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Poet Williams To Host Pop-Up Art Exhibition In Jackson On February 4

For the first time in ten years, Terrence Wells also known as “Poet Williams,” will be hosting a solo art exhibition titled “The Things I’ve Been Hiding.”

The Clinton native is a poet, photographer and visual artist and although known for his work as the former photographer for Synergy Nights, “The Things I’ve Been Hiding” is his reintroduction to the art scene. According to Williams, this was just an opportunity to share his work again.

Poet Williams doesn’t subscribe to having a “signature” style. “I’m a romantic, so I like to show the beauty of people. I also, however, elongate, use textures, and make things abstract,” he says.

“I have never conformed to just one style. I paint in oils, acrylic, digitally, and mix media. My photos, I feel, do have a recognizable signature. I love capturing grand moments in life.  Everything from the wedding kiss, to a baby’s first smile.”

Although this is his first showing in 10 years, he never stopped making art, he just stopped believing that anyone wanted to see it.

“I stopped taking commissions after a bad experience,  I tried selling online,  and not one response. The fact that I didn’t know how to market properly didn’t help anything other than my belief that my art was just a way to relax and escape. For about two years I gave up my studio/ room for my great niece Naomi and turned it into a nursery. I only sketched and made digital paintings but I never bothered to print anything. The long and short of it,  I doubted myself and then I met a woman who refused to let do anything other than what I love. I would have never had the courage to see this through without her vision,  her presence and her prayers.”

“The Things I’ve Been Hiding” will be on display beginning at 7 PM this Saturday (February 4) at Offbeat, located at 151 Wesley Avenue in Jackson, Mississippi. In addition to the art selection the event will feature performances from local artists, Elle and 5th Child.

A ticket raffle for the exhibition is currently being held online and you can enter by clicking here. The raffle winner will receive a an original, all-over printed t-shirt created by Terrence. Tickets are being sold at $2 per ticket.

For more information about Poet Williams, his work and the exhibition, visit his website here. You can also follow the exhibit on Instagram @thethingsivebeenhiding.

Disclosure: Thank you to Poet Williams for sponsoring this post.

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