The Social Media Rant: Annoying People, Posts and Habits

The things social media has done to my generation and those younger than us! Social media is making people more narcissistic than any mirror could ever do. Not only that, people are using social media to live the life they want to live and convince us that they’re just soooo awesome. *rolls eyes*

Yes, it’s there for us to have fun. Yes, we all can post whatever we want, whenever we want and how we want. But some posts that people make are just flat out annoying! I’m sure I’ve probably annoyed someone at some point, but as and when I’m in one of my “moods” I try to avoid social networks altogether.

The most annoying posts of them all are those that inform others of how annoyed they are. I mean, really? If you’re so annoyed, just delete whatever it is that is annoying you, unfollow/unfriend that person or here’s the best one – exit out of the app.

I see it so much on Twitter and Instagram that it makes me want to just quit checking them. Social media is meant to be fun and interactive, but there are definitely certain habits that just annoy the F out of most of society.

Here’s my list:

Begging for friends, fans or followers – If someone wants to follow you, they will. Don’t be desperate…it usually means you have no friends in real life…or no life at all.

Tweeting/Instagramming the moment instead of living in the moment – It seems like some people do things just to tweet about them. How annoying is that? Like really…we don’t need to know every minute of you giving birth. Enjoy bringing a life into the world with your family for Christ’s sake!

Being wrong – Don’t post about any issue, situation, death, political event, etc. unless you have true, accurate facts. How many times have we heard that Aretha Franklin died on Twitter?

Cyber-thuggin’ – Don’t stalk someone’s page and then lock your page so you can talk about how much you hate them, what you’ll do to them, etc. It makes you look foolish. We all know that if the person were to confront you, nothing was happen. STOP IT.

And this is the worst…posting pics of you in the same clothes, same setting but in five different poses in a row is a sure way to get unfollowed.

We’ve all been guilty of being annoying on social media, but it is starting to reach an all-time high. Whenever I start to see an excessive amount of any of these type of posts, I exit with a quickness ’cause I don’t wanna be one of those people complaining about how much I’m tired of seeing something when I’m in control of what I’m looking at.

Do you feel the same? What would you add to the list?

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