The Prayer Of Jabez

When I lived in Hattiesburg (Mississippi) I attended a church called West Point. From my very first visit to the church I knew that I would learn a lot about my faith and experience a lot of spiritual growth and maturity. At the beginning of this year, Pastor Cathey started a sermon series based on 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, in which he broke down the Prayer of Jabez. He used different subject titles for each sermon, but they all revolved around Jabez asking God to bring something into his life.

At this time I felt emotionally broken. I was a mess, let me tell you. I started putting the things I learned through studying Jabez’s prayer into practice for my own life. I realized that I had to rise above the personal problems I was going through. I couldn’t allow them to keep me from reaching the goals I set out to reach for this year.

I needed to get a grip.  I needed to raise my expectations. Not my expectations of anyone else, my expectations of myself and my life. It takes lots of practice to get to a point where you can examine yourself and figure out how to turn a situation around. Needless to say, I borrowed a few things from Jabez’s prayer and created my own and I listed to Donald Lawrence’s song “Bless Me” almost every morning to make sure I started my day off on a good note. I wanted God to enlarge my territory, increase the good in my life. After all…He did it for Jabez, so why wouldn’t He do it for me?

About a month or so later, things started happening.

I started coming up with new business ideas, my blog views shot through the roof, I booked speaking engagements, I signed a deal with someone who wanted to be a part of my business and help me grow my brand and the list goes on.

All because I had the courage and faith to just ask.

What is it in your life that you want but have not asked for? Let me be the first to tell you that anything is possible. It really is, as cliche’ as it sounds. I’m an example of that.


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