The Naomi To My Ruth

Are you familiar with the biblical story of Naomi and Ruth? While reading about Ruth’s story using my biblical character study guide I found an interesting connection to her that once again showed me how God has given us a blueprint for our lives through the Bible.

The name Ruth in Hebrew means friend, companion and vision of beauty. Based on her name, we can already tell that she was a loyal and beautiful woman and it foreshadows what we’ll learn about her and why she deserved her own book in the Bible.

Ruth was a young Moabite woman who’d become a widow, along with her sister-in-law Orpah, after the deaths of their husbands. She and Orpah were married to the sons of Naomi, who was also a widow. To make a long story short, Naomi decided to go back to her home and told her two daughters-in-law that they should go on their own way and find husbands to start their lives over. Orpah obliged but Ruth refused to leave her mother-in-law’s side. Naomi had become a counselor, friend and second mother to her over the years and she would die before she left her. The two women returned to Naomi’s home and after continuing to follow Naomi’s instruction and trust her God (Ruth’s people worshipped idols), God placed Ruth right in front of her future husband who would change her and Naomi’s life forever.

(Read more details about Ruth and Naomi’s relationship here.)

I have a relationship in my life where I’m Ruth and my Naomi goes by the name of Aunt Nette. I met her during late summer 2013 and I had no clue whatsoever the impact she would have in my life and the lives of those closest to me. Her first name isn’t Nette and she isn’t even my aunt but we share a connection that I can only describe as divine.

I was spending a lot of time with her nephew and occasionally we would go sit with her at her home and visit, sometimes hours at a time, several times a week. I don’t know what led to it but I eventually visited her without him one day and that’s as and when it all started.

She called me to her dining room table and told me about what it meant to be a “Proverbs 31 woman.” At that time I wasn’t even close to being the spiritual person that I am now. I knew God and I was beginning to follow Him but I wasn’t there yet; but because I wanted to make a good impression and I’m polite by nature, I listened to what she had to say and I took the paper that she gave me to read.

We quickly became friends and I started to trust her with intimate details about my life. Writing this post has made me realize that while she and I haven’t known each other very long, we’ve had so many conversations and gone through so much together that I can’t even remember how our bond became so strong…but it did.

She became a counselor to me and to this day, two years later, I talk to her every single day. If I don’t, I feel off. She’s taught me so much about Christ and about loving others and she is the person who led me to start changing my life. She keeps me focused on my purpose even when my emotions cause me to be sidetracked. I don’t always like or want to hear what she has to say (ask her, she’ll tell you) but I listen and I can tell you this, she hasn’t been wrong yet.

Aunt Nette always tells me that she went through the things she went through in her life just for me and I believe her. Although we are as opposite as Ruth and Naomi were, we are still so similar and connected. Even when her nephew and I are at odds, she’s still there and is as neutral as anyone in her position could be. The best part about our relationship is that the love we have for one another has been extended on both sides and our families have become connected as well.

One of these days I’ll go into detail about it (I always joke that it’ll be at my wedding LOL) but I love her like a second mother because she could never replace my mom, nor does she try to, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. Just like Ruth, I’ve promised to never leave her and I know that God directed my steps (and hers) causing us to cross paths and change lives, including our own.

Your turn to talk…

Do you have a “Naomi” in your life? What about a “Ruth?” Share with me in the comments section! You can also download a FREE COPY of my biblical character study guide to use for your own personal study time by clicking here.

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