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The Jessica Diaries Vlog 2: Practice Makes Perfect

I’m really trying to get better at this whole vlogging thing but it’s much harder than it looks. Besides feeling crazy because you’re walking around alone talking to a camera that you’re holding yourself, making sure that you’re actually doing something worth watching is an entirely different challenge.

In this vlog I’m taking you guys with me as I shop for Christmas stocking stuffers and support my friend who coaches basketball.

After this one, I felt a little more comfortable than I did for the Thanksgiving video. Vlogging in the mall was surprisingly fun and so was vlogging at the basketball game.

Now that I know what type of footage to film, I can safely say that I’ll do one vlog per week for The Jessica Diaries series in addition to the one written blog post. I’ll just switch the days around and do the videos on Thursdays and the written posts on Mondays, which was the original day for those anyway.

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