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The Jessica Diaries: There’s No Place Like Jackson

If you would’ve asked me 10…maybe even five years ago, what I thought about Jackson; I probably wouldn’t have had many nice things to say.

I was a young woman with life and endless possibilities in front of me and I hadn’t yet had a taste of the real world. I thought that I was cursed because my family chose to remain here in this land of “no opportunity” and I hated the fact that I knew someone wherever I went.

I wanted to be anywhere besides Jackson, Mississippi.

But then life happened. I grew up. I learned some lessons. I traveled. I opened my mind.

And I fell in love with the city that housed every significant place or person that helped shape who I am.

This past week in Jackson has been nothing short of amazing. In just seven days I met so many unique and talented individuals that have been putting in work for years that I’d never even known about. I watched a group of leaders put their individual egos aside to bring our city entertainment as and when there would otherwise be nothing going on. I realized that Jackson has it’s own community music scene and I felt guilty for ever not taking it seriously. (There are truly some great musicians here, from all genres!)

I guess the most important thing that happened over the week was that I realized the part I play in helping Jackson reach its full potential as a city. I want to spend this year pouring into those around me and helping them with their efforts. What use are my gifts if I’m hoarding them? Why not use them to lift those around me? Who cares if I get it back in return? It’s not about me anyway. It’s about legacy.

Don’t you want to be part of a legacy? Think about how awesome it would be to say that you helped make something great happen in Jackson. Lord knows we could use some greatness to combat the criticism of and disbelief in our city.

If I learned nothing else, I learned that there is no other place in the world like Jackson. That’s what makes us special. That’s our advantage. That’s where the opportunity is.

How will you contribute?

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