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The Jessica Diaries: The Beauty Of Letting Go

I don’t think there’s anything in life that I avoid more than becoming attached to people, things or memories. I’ve become this way because I realized that once I’m attached, it can be extremely difficult for me to let it go as and when the time comes for me to do so. Even if whatever (or whoever) it is brings me stress or turns out to be not so good for me, I still had trouble letting go.

Because I understand that what I go through is not just for me, but for others who may be going through the same thing…I have to share my story and testimony.

So here it goes…

Last year in September, I was faced with what I would say was the hardest thing I had to do in 2015. I was in three dying situationships (bad, I know) that were stressing me out so much that I couldn’t focus on anything. On top of that I wasn’t making any money at all and I didn’t know where I was going to live because I had to move out of my house. I ended up staying at the home of one of the people that I was in a situationship with and that’s when everything started.

Deep down inside I wanted something different. I wanted to change my story, I wanted to have everything that I knew I could have – a successful career, consistent income, a love to call my own, a home and most importantly, a peace of mind. I felt that I was so far from having any of that.

I started having bad dreams that I would wake up from in tears. I had daily headaches and began to find random bruises on my body and I knew that I had to get out of the situation because it wasn’t good for me. At the same time, I was so afraid because I didn’t know what was next for me. I didn’t want to fail (again) at being on my own and living my dream. I didn’t want to be judged and I couldn’t fathom having to abandon my dream for a false sense of security.

Me and Diamond at Hubfest in March 2015

Me and Diamond at Hubfest in March 2015

One night I met up with my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Diamond, to discuss a project that I was going to help her with. Somehow I ended up sharing my situation with her and I would say that Diamond is the person who made me get my shit together. Not that I didn’t take my situation seriously, but I still was resisting the change.

Diamond prayed with me and I ended up sleeping at her place that night. I’ll never forget her laying a blanket on me as I was falling asleep and how much more humble it made me. It was so nice to have someone care about your well being and sanity so much that they would keep you from going back to a bad environment. Needless to say the next morning, I moved out and returned to my hometown to “start over.”

So not only was I letting go of those situationships, I had to let go of my possessions. I couldn’t take any of my stuff back home with me. I had to give away my bedroom set, my appliances, living room furniture, bathroom furniture, decorative items…basically everything except my clothes. It was so hard to do…it was difficult accepting that all these things that I’d accumulated and paid for over the years had to stay while I had to go. I remember Aunt Nette telling me that God sometimes requires us to leave things behind so He can bless us with bigger and/or better things. That was the only consolation I had and honestly, it was enough.

Fast forward to present day…

I have truly seen the beauty of letting go. It’s almost as if the moment I came back to my hometown, opportunities and blessings have been coming at me nonstop. Not only am I successfully running my business, I’m making more money than I ever have since taking the entrepreneurial leap in 2014. I have worked with major brands like Prudential, FOX, Advil and more recently, Lipton. I have my own place (it’s beautiful by the way) and all the furniture I had to leave behind has been replaced. Last but certainly not least, I am in love with a man who treats me like a queen and better than I’ve ever been treated.

All because I let go.

Is there something you need to let go of? Do it today!


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