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The Jessica Diaries: Potential Is Not Enough


I came up with the idea to start a personal blog in 2012. Once I shared a few posts and came up with topics to write about, I began to have a vision for the site. I started falling in love with its potential. So much so, that I invested my money into making it a business. I didn’t think about the “what ifs” the “maybes” or the risk that I was taking. I’d committed to the potential and put my entire heart in to it.

Here’s another example.

I met a guy and the more I got to know him, the more I became attracted to him. I didn’t place so much emphasis on the negatives as I did the positives. I saw him for the guy I knew he could be. I saw him for the guy he wanted to be. I saw him for who he was minus all the issues and the more I thought he was growing toward the guy he wanted to be, the more I fell in love….with his potential, not his reality.

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