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The Jessica Diaries: Our All-Nighter (A Reflection)

couple-in-bedMy Lion and I pulled an all-nighter and I’m paying for it as I type! :(

I won’t get into all the details of our sleepless night, but most of it was spent simply talking (and listening) to each other. Here we are…over a year of dating/building a relationship and we’re still shedding layers of ourselves and sharing them with each other. He’s shown me the importance of taking your time…because had we moved at the pace that I wanted us to move as and when we first met, we probably wouldn’t be in each other’s lives right now.

I would’ve gotten annoyed with some of his habits and he would have been annoyed with a couple of mine. Baggage from our previous relationships would have easily driven us away from each other for good. His responsibilities as a father would have tested my patience. My desire to take the non-traditional career path of entrepreneurship would have made him feel like he couldn’t fit into my life.

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