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Fantasia’s song “Lose to Win” has a very powerful message. Sometimes we have to experience bad things to get to the good stuff and most of the time it’s all worth it in the end.

If you read the original Jessica Diaries series on, you may remember reading that I used to be “fake happy” in my relationship. I wasn’t unhappy the entire time but you know how things can change. I was one of those people who felt the need to prove how happy I was as and when I didn’t even know what being happy felt like. Yeah, tragic I know, but being unhappy taught me how to appreciate the things that really matter…the intangibles…the things that you can’t see but you know they’re there. See, when you’re missing the intangibles, you recognize them right away whenever they actually become present. You may not know what to call them or how to describe them with words but you definitely feel them.

My Lion and I (yes he’s still here *wink*) were at a local bar hanging out with one of his friends and I was very under-dressed because I didn’t expect for us to go anywhere that night. I had on one of his shirts, no makeup and my hair was half wet (gross) LOL. Anyway, when we made it to the bar we found a seat, the friend wondered off and we just got into our own zone.

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