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The Jessica Diaries: My GPS System


One of my favorite features about my phone is the built in navigation app. I’ve been using it a lot lately since I have a million meetings each week and my colleagues seem to enjoy picking places that I’m not familiar with. The best thing about it is that even if I mistake the visual directions and take a wrong turn, just like any other GPS system, it re-routes me and gets me back on track.

God is a lot like that, wouldn’t you agree?

I can’t even count how many times God has tried to steer me away from a situation and I just refused to take His direction. My refusal and disobedience has caused me to stay in situations that were no good for me and caused me lots of pain, stress and heartache. When I really think about my reason for staying in bad situations or just going against what I knew deep down inside, it was all to avoid something that was gonna happen anyway!

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