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The Jessica Diaries: Maybe I Should Take Their Advice (BONUS VIDEO INCLUDED)

There was a recurring theme in most of the conversations that I had last week – stop caring about what people think or have to say.

I heard it from my mom on the way to church, I heard it from Rod during our camera lesson and I heard it from a few other people in between. I thought that I’d overcome it and I have in some ways, but not as and when it comes to my blogging career. I still have a little further to go.

The thing is…my blog’s success (in my eyes) relies on readership. Everyone defines success differently but when it comes to my blog, if no one reads my posts or watches my videos, I won’t feel successful.

I do this for me but at the same time, I’m doing it for others too.

I want to eventually offer scholarships, start other blogs, partner with colleges and land huge brand collaboration opportunities. I can’t do this if no one is reading, watching and spreading the word about my little space on the internet. Because of that, I’m always giving much more thought to the opinions that people share with me when I probably shouldn’t.

I’m shy anyway but I’m extra shy when I’m vlogging and people are looking at me crazy for holding a tiny camera and capturing my day. I hate promoting my posts or sharing photos because I don’t want people to think I’m bragging or being pretentious, because I’m not. I’m one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet, but a girl has gotta share her stuff!

Then my mom, Rod or my other friends will tell me how much I’m tripping…then I feel worse because maybe this way of thinking has held me back from being more successful than I currently am.

Earlier this year I decided to change the direction of my blog (read the announcement here) to better fit my personal career goals and vision and I’m still tweaking it here or there as I see fit to this day. One of the most common suggestions I get involves talking about politics and music again. I used to do those things but it drained me and made what was once my creative outlet feel like a chore. No bueno.

So, because it’s my platform…I changed it. But at the same time, I do sometimes wonder if I should start back incorporating those things. I don’t think it’ll hurt but I want it to make sense (my #1 business rule), so it has to be well thought-out and it has to be authentic.

I guess I’ll figure it out soon enough. But in the meantime, enjoy this bonus vlog where I captured a little of my week for you. :) You can watch it below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here.




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