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The Jessica Diaries: Lack Of Originality + Why Are Ya’ll So Hollywood?

I normally don’t do this, but today I’m going to use The Jessica Diaries to vent a little. I mean it’s my “diary” so I can write what I want to :) right? LOL

My loyal readership consists largely of people I have never met in my life. I have several people from my hometown or who knew me in high school and college that read my website on the regular but it’s really the strangers who make up the bulk of my numbers. With that said, many of you won’t know exactly where I’m coming from with this post…but I’m sure you’ll be able to apply it somewhere in your life so that you can relate. Oh and by the way, this is about two totally different subjects but because I like to keep the venting and negativity to a minimum, I just combined them in one post.

Here we go…

Originality means having the ability to THINK independently and creatively. I like to consider myself as someone who possesses this quality but unfortunately, I live in a place where not many other people do. I haven’t just noticed this in my particular industry (blogging/public relations but I see this mostly with blogging) but I’ve noticed it in just about all other industries that have found a home in the city that I spend most of my time in.

You see one t-shirt line pop up and then within a year, there are five more that all offer the same type of products. You see one blog gain popularity and now everyone thinks it’s the thing to do. One person hosts a ladies night with certain features and two months later an almost identical event is being advertised. Someone hosts an exhibit/expo and now there’s another one with the same concept.

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