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The Jessica Diaries: I Want Lobster, Not Steak

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to chat with one of my good friends for the first time in a while. She and I always share what’s going on with our careers, personal lives and other random updates. The conversation that we had this week was no different.

We’re alike in that we are very passionate about what we believe in and what we want. I’m a go-getter and I put up a valiant effort to create opportunities for myself whether in my career, personally or other aspects of my life. She’s a risk taker and although she may have fears, you’ll never know it. She does what she wants and she’s true to who she is.

The common fault that we share in our passionate way of doing things, is that we have a hard time just letting things be. We want something to be a certain way and as and when it isn’t, it frustrates us.

I told her about something that I’ve been wanting for quite some time and how I think it could’ve finally come my way. I’m not 100% sure that it has but it certainly seems like it. The problem is…it doesn’t really “look” like I was hoping it would.

In fact, it’s so far from the package that I wanted it to come in that I’m almost willing to pass on the opportunity. Crazy, I know… It’s not that I’m ungrateful (because I’m not) but it doesn’t feel right…and I don’t believe in forcing yourself to go with something that doesn’t feel right, no matter how “perfect” it may be or look to people outside of the situation.

She gave me the perfect way to explain the way I’m feeling. She said:

“It’s like this. You have a taste for lobster so you go out to dinner. The person you’re with orders for you and they order you a steak instead. It’s not that the steak isn’t a good, beautiful cut of meat but you had a taste for lobster.”

So with that said, I really want lobster but I have this steak sitting on the plate in front of me.

Maybe I’m being a brat and should just eat the damn steak LOL.

What would you do? Share with me in the comments section. :)


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