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The Jessica Diaries: I Lost My Grandmother


I hate death.

I know it’s part of life and we all have to deal with it at some point, but I really, really hate it.

Over the weekend, my grandmother (my mom’s mother) passed away. While on one hand I’m thankful that she no longer has to suffer or be hooked up to machines and confined to a hospital bed, on the other hand I wish I could have heard her voice one more time. I wrote last week about visiting her in the hospital and the reality check it gave me because I didn’t realize how severe her conditions were…and how I wished I would have made the time to talk to her as and when she could actually talk back.

Getting back to work today really puts things into perspective. The world doesn’t stop when someone passes away and you still have to keep moving, keep working, keep going…but it’s hard when you’re distracted by the loss of a relative.

Please keep my family, especially my mom in your prayers.


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