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The Jessica Diaries: I Did It (Part 1)


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“And, as and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist

God is so good and I mean that sincerely. I can’t even begin to write this particular post without acknowledging that.

I used to wonder why certain people always talk about God this and God that, but I get it now. When you can’t explain how things happen and why they happen and how you shouldn’t have made it out but you did (I call those miracles), you can’t help but talk about the goodness of God. It is through His goodness that I am able to say that I am now a full-time entrepreneur.

No, I didn’t save up tens of thousands of dollars to make the switch. No, I didn’t get lucky and catch a big break and no, no one took over my bills to allow me to pursue my dream. All I did was follow the signs…the omens…the fingerprints that God was leaving for me to see.

“Life isn’t meant to be impossible to understand. We should be able to recognize God’s fingerprints in our lives. It is then up to us to decide whether we will cooperate with what He is doing, both in our hearts and in our world.” – The Dream Giver


“In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you.” – The Alchemist

If you think I sound crazy or I’m brainwashed or whatever, this post isn’t for you because you don’t believe. In order for you to take a step, without knowing what’s on the other side, you must believe in yourself, your dream and a higher power to guide those steps.

I’m breaking this into two parts (or more) because I don’t want to miss anything and I know there is someone who is in the same exact position I was in that is in need of some direction or a story to go by to confirm that what they are thinking is actually right. I also want to illustrate my thought process as detailed as I can so that you can understand how important it is to pay attention to what’s going on around you. I’ll start with my state of mind right before I wrote “A Dream…On Hold?” and just take it from there.

In June I was one year in at my job at the time, working among people I loved and making a small amount of money when my mother approached me with an opportunity to more than double my income.

My whole reason for working at that particular job was because it gave me the flexibility to work on my businesses and my boss was actually my mentor. She taught me everything I needed to know to get started in business when I was a junior in undergrad. I used the knowledge she passed on to start many endeavors until I found one that worked. She supported my dream, brought me in to her workplace and gave me the freedom to come and go as I please and work on my website while I was there. It wasn’t the perfect situation (I was making less money than I was used to, paychecks sometimes came late, etc.) but I was happy for the most part. I was comfortable and I knew that I needed everything it offered to put me in a position to work for myself, forever.

So when my mother approached me with the opportunity to make more than double what I was making, I was conflicted. I had been staying with her since I moved back to Jackson until I figured out what my next move would be or when I had enough money saved to go wherever I wanted to go…whichever one came first. She was really adamant about me getting this job because she wanted me to get into my own place again and make the money that she felt I deserved. She couldn’t fathom why I would pass on the opportunity.

“The single biggest reason Border Bullies stop most of us from pursuing our God-given Dream is our fear of man. … It’s not easy to stand up against those we love and care about.” – The Dream Giver

I started to become afraid…I started thinking about how I was living at home for the first time since I was 18 and now that I was 26, it was time for me to buy a home and invest my money and do all the things grown ups are supposed to do. My whole life had (past tense…it’s changed since this happened) been dedicated to making my mother proud so I applied for the job just for her. I never wanted the job because I knew what I’d be giving up and I actually got sad when I was informed that I had been selected for the position.

It didn’t feel right on the inside.

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