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The Jessica Diaries: Can’t Describe It

For about two months I’ve been going through a change that is hard to describe in words. It’s a good change and I feel a lot better, people can pick up on it but they don’t really know how to receive it.

I’ve somewhat distanced myself from everything – people, certain environments, certain situations and even social media.

It wasn’t on purpose, it just happened. The only thing I actively did was decide to pray about my problems and concerns instead of lamenting over them with my inner circle. I wanted to put myself in a position to find my own way, instead of fogging my mind up with so many different opinions and being more stressed than I originally was.

I began to desire clarity, but not just in explanations or comprehension. I wanted my social media feeds to be clean, positive and uplifting. I wanted my relationships to have boundaries, I wanted my business life to have boundaries…I had to put God first and Jessica second.

These changes helped me to learn myself on a deeper level. I’ve been able to exercise good judgement and make decisions that I feel good about.

There are some people who don’t really understand and my only response has been that they’ll have to wait until it happens to them. Just because someone has distanced themselves from you doesn’t mean they thought you were bad for them…sometimes people just need space…for no particular reason.

I don’t think I can ever go back to some of the ways I had before. I feel completely capable of making great decisions and being joyful and happy on the inside.

Your turn to talk…

Have you ever had to distance yourself a little to find inner peace? Tell me about it in the comment section if you feel comfortable sharing.

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