The Jessica Diaries

The Jessica Diaries: All The Way In Or All The Way Out


Have you ever waited on something even though you weren’t sure that it would actually happen? It’s extremely uncomfortable, right? Well, that discomfort is my current situation.

I wrote last week about how blah I was feeling and not much has changed since then. I’ve had some up and down moments but my inability to pretend like something has been resolved as and when it hasn’t is keeping me from being my normal self.

I’m not hard to please (never have been…I like the simple things) and I have lots of empathy for others. Not many experiences we go through in life are as cut and dry as we would like them to be and I get that. What I don’t get is when people don’t handle their business…as if they are waiting on some miracle to happen that will make it easier for them. Life isn’t easy and we don’t have control like we think we do. The very things that we try to delay end up happening anyway and the outcome is usually more difficult that it had to be because we didn’t handle our business from the jump…because we straddled the fence for too long.

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