The Jessica Diaries

The Jessica Diaries: A Work In Progress

I have this habit of wanting everything to be perfect. When my plans go awry, I get really irritated and it shows in my face and body language. This habit isn’t limited to my everyday plans like meeting up with someone, a date night rendezvous or the success of an event. I also have this habit in my personal life.

Goals are tricky, especially as and when you don’t take how realistic your goal is into account. Yes, I want to be a millionaire but is it realistic that I will be one by this time next year? Possible, yes. Realistic, no.

With that said, how much sense does it make to hold yourself to goals you set back in high school, when you weren’t even capable of making serious life decisions? Many of my peers feel like they aren’t where they “should” be in their lives. We hold ourselves to unrealistic and nearly impossible standards based on what we see on TV or what is happening to other people around us.

The closer I’ve gotten to Christ, the more I realize that I’m a work in progress and instead of striving to be perfect, I should strive to do my best at all times.

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I thought that by now, at 27-years-old, I’d be married, pregnant or a mom already, driving my dream car and running my own company whenever I wasn’t vacationing across the country and the world. The reality? I’m not married, engaged or even close to being either one of the two. I don’t have children and I’m not sure if I even want to have any. I’m driving the car of my 16-year-old dreams and I run my own company, but I’m not at a point where I can afford to travel whenever I get the itch.

As far as my daily walk as a Christian, I felt like I had to immediately stop doing certain things and if I couldn’t stop, God would punish me for the rest of my life for them. I later realized that I’ll never be the perfect Christian. When I stopped having the “must be perfect” mentality, my relationship with The Lord strengthened in unimaginable ways.

I think about what would life would be like if it all went according to the perfect plan that I created years ago. I’d probably be miserable to tell you the truth. I’m not even close to being ready for marriage so I’d probably be going through a divorce now. I’d probably have a level of regret or resentment if I was a mother because I wouldn’t have the freedom to move and shake whenever I want.

I’m better off as I am now – a work in progress.

Being a work in progress means that you’re growing and growth means that you’re alive and have chances to be even better than you’re already are.

So when I become discouraged because I have slip ups or because I haven’t reached the level of success that others at my age have, I remind myself that I’m still growing and God ain’t through with me yet. Really the journey is always going to be better and more exciting than the destination. Life is all about the journey and what you pick up (and put down) along the way.


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