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The Jessica Diaries: A Beautiful Moment


Whenever I describe some of my personality traits or things that I like, I always call them “Jessica Facts.” So before I get into what this post is about, I have to share a quick Jessica Fact with you: I’m a very deep, emotional person. I once considered this to be a weakness but my perception of emotions has changed. Emotions make our lives vibrant, they give us stories to tell, they keep us going and most importantly they allow us to connect with other people.My favorite emotion other than happiness would be – without a doubt – love.

Love is amazing and it’s the force behind one of the most beautiful moments I’ve experienced this year – me realizing that I love someone. Notice I didn’t say “in love” because that’s a different kind of beautiful moment that happens all the time because we look for it. That moment as and when time stands still and your heart tells you that you love someone and your mind agrees is so rare! That’s what makes it so beautiful.

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