The INTERN EXPERIENCE :: A Few Setbacks + Lessons Learned



Our interns have been hard at work with their first assignments. Read about their struggles and feelings toward their projects below!



Connecting The Dots
You never know just what your passion is until, well, you’ve experienced it. When I transferred to the University of Southern Miss., I wanted to become a Mass Communications major, but one of the requirements was to have a Mac computer to start any course. I couldn’t go home and tell my parents that I had transferred to a more expensive college and on top of that I need a new computer in less than two weeks. So the next best thing for me to major in would be Marketing.

When given this opportunity, it’s like I feel like this is the one thing I’m suppose to be doing all along. I get excited about new tasks, new roadblocks as and when creating new ideas, it’s like building a new dream all over again. In the meantime of starting my internship, I have been doing my own research, realizing that I can be as creative as I want to be. This PR internship is refreshing, it gives me life, it’s connecting the all dots!



erica-holder-headshotDon’t Let Minor Setbacks Affect A Major Opportunity
Last week was trying for me in some areas. Thankfully, there were none pertaining to the internship. Working for Jessica is awesome – I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. However last week I felt myself dealing with a lot emotionally. A position on campus that I had been working hard to get these past two years, I was denied last week. It hit me harder than I expected and I unusually didn’t know how to deal with it. Because of this I was in an odd funk, not wanting to do much or really be around anyone. That is totally not like me, and in turn it almost affected my work as an intern.

I noticed that I wasn’t checking my email and doing my usual duties as prompt as they usually get done. It took me a few days to realize I couldn’t let minor setbacks distract me from other major opportunities. After this little epiphany I got right back to work. Jessica gave us all a few tasks and once I was back focused, they got done in no time. Last week I Taught myself a lesson that a lot of people say, but just like most life experiences you can’t relate to until you experience them for yourself!



kayla-walker-headshotTeam Work Is Dream Work
Busy is an understatement. It’s been such a hectic week! Not only was last week my first week as an intern; I’m also just starting a new job.  I’m a huge procrastinator, but I’m starting to realize that procrastination must stop and time management is EVERYTHING! Lots and lots of planning! Lots of emails. Team work is dream work. We’ve all got our heads together getting ideas for lots of fun things for our viewers and supports of the Simien brand. My fellow interns and I have come up with some fun ways to relay some BIG news to you all. Are you excited yet? Stay tuned to find out what we have in store for you all!



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