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erica-holder-headshotEffective Communication Is Key
I know I went MIA for a week, but I’m back! Jessica gave us all individual tasks like I told you all last time that I was super excited about. My task was to help work with the Mother’s Day giveaway that we currently have going on. I was so excited about this because I love my mother, and I could only imagine the other deserving mothers out there. Working on the project was a fun experience. Jessica gave me a lot of reign to do what I wanted with it and that eliminated any type of intimidation or pressure, so I loved that. Together we worked well in creating what I believe is an awesome opportunity. This experience has really been helping a lot in the aspect of time management, creativity, and even effective communication. I’m excited for the weeks to come I know Jessica has great things lined up.


arial-hoover-headshotInterning Ain’t No Crystal Stair!
I know ya’ll think I’m wack for that title right?! First, let me start by saying I appreciate all the views and comments on our blog posts! There are a lot of viewers reading our posts and I’m glad that you guys are right there with us as we put in work. This week has been B-A-N-A-N-A-S! It’s finals week which means lots of studying, interning, working and social stuff; IM BALANCING IT ALL! Funny thing is, I asked to work harder and what do you know – Jessica had given us all a project and we missed the deadline…talk about sudden creative pressure! Working through the difference in time zones with Erica, Kay and I were able pull out some creativity and get it done. Now, it’s crunch time, scheduling my time for different projects is a must! Though the school year is ending, there is so much to do in so little time. But I’m passionate about the work, I’m determined and I’m motivated! Don’t you give up on me yet y’all, my time is coming!


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