The INTERN EXPERIENCE: The Interns Have Reached The End

Liz Evans, Arial Hoover

arial-hoover-headshotOne Goal Down, A Lifetime To Go!
The end of the internship is over, but this is far from the end for me! Since March, I have learned, experienced and grown so much! I know for sure now that this is something I want to permanently make a career out of. Last weekend, JS had her one year anniversary party and everything went GREAT! There were a lot of people there, some even remembered me from the last social event JS and I attended. I was in charge of allowing people to sign the guest book and taking pictures if those who won door prizes.

Even though I had only been interning for a few months, I felt so proud of everything that been done. I was proud of JS because she has accomplished so much in a year. It inspired me to keep wanting to learn and grow. I was also proud of myself, because for the first time I chased my dream, and I liked the feeling! Because of my hard work, JS has offered me a permanent position and I took it! This internship wasn’t just an internship, it was an experience and a blessing. I’ve always expressed my gratitude to JS, but more importantly nothing was possible without God, my parents, family and those who really supported me. I feel blessed in more ways than one! Though this is the ending of the internship, it is just the beginning for me and my career with JessicaSimien.com!


kayla-walker-headshotStill Battling Time Management
In spite of putting in a request to be off for the Anniversary Party, I was stuck at work and I missed the festivities. I haven’t talked to Ms.Simien about her big night, but I’m sure it was all she hoped for and more. I know my fellow interns enjoyed themselves. I’m still battling with time management as far as school and work are concerned, but I’m looking forward to some hands on work during the last few weeks of the internship. This has been an awesome experience so far, and my only wish is that I had been more focused and able to dedicate more of my time to the internship. However, I am still looking forward to working with Ms.Simien as I begin pursuing my minor in PR.

liz-headshotA Gratifying Feeling
Hello, everyone! I am more than pleased to announce that the anniversary party was an absolute success! The room was filled with those that have genuinely supported Jessica and her sincere effort to build her brand in Mississippi. Yet, through the crowd of faces, the lady of the night gleamed with a light of accomplishment. It is a very gratifying feeling, knowing that I had my own hand in helping make Jessica’s night a success. Her hard work and gracious nature really made the interning process an enjoyable one. I look forward to her Mississippi rap artist cypher (check it out!) and any other projects she produces. #JSyearONE was only the beginning!



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