The Intern Experience :: One Intern Finds Her Calling While The Others Continue Their Hard Work


arial-hoover-headshotWork Hard, Play Hard
Things get so crazy as and when your mind is going a thousand miles per hour, wanting to give your opinion to share with the world. One thing that attracted me to Jessica is that she’s a blogger obviously, and I live for good gossip, but the fact that her blog is “sophisticated”…kind of like Necole Bitchie who I absolutely love. It’s not like Media Takeout or Concrete Loop or anything like that, its more lady like than ratchet. Though she’s just starting, its credible enough for me to go and get my daily celebrity gossip. I have to say I love giving my opinion on urban culture, I think it’s very important that we involve ourselves with the things that are going on in our culture! And that’s one of the challenging tasks for me. I have a very outgoing spirit and my personality screams reviews of Monday night VH1 shows!

This internship has offered me a way to focus on other alternatives, it’s forcing me to see what else I am capable of and I’m grateful for that feeling, I tell ya! The more I work with Jessica, Kayla and Erica, the more inspired I get to push the limit, do more and learn more! I’m not quite there yet, but working with Jessica is allowing us to do amazing things!!! STAY TUNED!

erica-holder-headshotSpring Has Sprung, Here Comes The Fun!
If only every job could be this great! I’m not sure if Jessica is taking it easy on us or if I just enjoy what I’m doing so much that I don’t realize the work? Whatever it may be I love it. This week was another light one for the intern work. I think God knew I needed a break from some things because I enjoyed a beautiful sunny week and the beach for a day with a special someone. However I’m back to life, and ready to work!

Jessica started off the week with giving us each a different task and I’m super excited about mine. I really appreciate the girls I’m working with. We work well as a team, and they are sweethearts always keeping me updated when or if I miss a beat, in spite of all our crazy schedules. Stay tuned for what we have coming up!

kayla-walker-headshotSomething I See Myself Doing For Life
Week three has been a challenging one. I mentioned last week how I am just starting a new job. The hours have proved to be entirely too long and with finals approaching, everything seems to be piling up quickly. I’m realizing that some tough decisions will have to be made, and as I mentioned last week, time management is everything. I’ve been a bit stressed out and overwhelmed, but trying to remain focused nonetheless. As far as the internship, we’re still hard at work cooking up ideas and fun stuff for our readers. I am looking forward to the hands on tasks we have coming up. I live for hands on work and making ideas come to life so I’m sure the things we have coming up will be my favorite part of this experience.

Also, I’m proud to announce that I have began taking steps towards adding public relations as a minor and looking into it as a career choice. When I first began this internship a few weeks ago, I was undecided, but as of yesterday the decision is final. Unfortunately, Southern Miss. does not offer “public relations,” but I will be adding the closest thing to it, mass communications as a minor and will begin taking classes this summer. I have Ms. Jessica to thank for making it seem like such a fun career path, and I hope she knows I will be in touch with her every step of the way for help! (:



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