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Since we’ve added some really cool, creative interns to our team, we decided to let our readers in on their experience working with us! Every week, you’ll get to read about what they’re working on, how they feel about our company and whatever else they want to dish on.



kayla-walker-headshotLet The Excitement Begin!
My first day as an intern! It’s been mostly brainstorming, but from that has come a lot of anxiousness. I’m very excited to start working and see the ideas that myself and my fellow interns have come up with come to life. I’m coming into this experience very open-minded and ready to learn. I am still undecided on whether or not this (public relations) is something I will pursue, but regardless I will walk away from this having have had a once in a lifetime experience and some hands on knowledge. I look forward to working with Ms. Simien, and I hope my ideas, creativity, etc. will be of some help to her. Stick around and follow me throughout this journey. :-)


arial-hoover-headshotThere Are Blessings In Blogs!
It’s kind of hard trying to put my enthusiasm into words. Who would have known the thing I have been praying for would come in the form of an internship?! As a marketing major, I’ve always had the passion of being a part of something creative, innovative and worthwhile. Becoming an intern with JessicaSimien.com was just what I needed, it is a place where I can grow, learn, and be hands on! I am extremely excited about this new opportunity, in hopes that I am able to be a sponge and absorb everything this internship has to offer. I thank Jessica for granting me this opportunity, I hope my efforts and hard work will be everything she expected from an intern.


erica-holder-headshotStarted From The Bottom And I’m Almost There
If you would have told me a year ago I would be a PR intern I would tell you that you were crazy! My name is Erica Holder I am a 20-year-old Northern Virginia native. I currently attend South Carolina State University where I am an upcoming junior. Coming to college I knew I loved communications and social media, however I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. With all that being said I decided to choose nursing, Lord only knows why because I was HORRIBLE! I became a committee chair for the Campus Activities Board and I loved every minute of my tedious and tiring position. For that reason I chose Public Relations as my field of study, and go figure I’m actually good at it! Stumbling across this opportunity to work with the Jessica Simien brand was more than awesome. Although it has only begun I’m super excited about the work. From this experience I hope to gain a better since of time management , and gain a better knowledge of the PR field!



Be sure to check back every Thursday to read more about what our interns are up to and whether or not Jessica is a good boss! 



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