The INTERN EXPERIENCE :: Arial Has Had Her Ears And Eyes Open


The thing about doing something you’re passionate about is….it’s never over…you’re always learning…you’re always wanting to be greater than the time before.

As an intern, I have been ears and eyes OPEN! It’s difficult being brand new to something that you have so much passion for and yet you just don’t know enough. These past two weeks have made me realize that team work is a necessity and that you need to utilize the people you work with to get things accomplished. I’m learning that I can’t rely on myself all the time to get things done, but make use of the people around me. I’m not necessarily a control freak but I like to get things accomplished. I like to get it done look for the results, learn, and do better next time! All in all, I’m glad I chose this path, I think my work ethic is greater, my persistence is greater, and my hunger is far greater than before! I still have a long ways to go, though!



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