The-Dream’s “IV Play” Puts The Flavor Back Into R&B (REVIEW)

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Alright, rock with me for a minute.

Throw on your shades and imagine your bad word theme music.

Go slow. Steady. Take passion and ecstasy to the most colorful moment you can imagine. Grind with rhythm. Love hard.

Then harder.



Now lay up in it.

That’s how I feel as and when I bump The-Dream‘s new album IV Play.

It’s joints like “Equestrian,” “Loving You/Crazy,” “Michael,” and of course the summer banger, “IV Play,” that takes me back to a time where hip-hop and R&B were synonymous. I call it thug love. You know that Jodeci type shit where the artist didn’t need a rapper on the track to be G.

In terms of the content of the album and it’s overall production, The-Dream’s creativity puts him among the best in the game. The production quality and theatrics of IV Play is nothing short of magical. Don’t believe me? Just play “Self Conscious” and you’ll trust me from here on out. This album blesses us with cool electric guitar chords and futuristic tones synthesized to perfection. He’s definitely making a statement to the new school R&B world – giving life to the thugs that want to put it down too – with his provocative lyrical cockiness. The album takes us back to a time where we can grind and get all touchy feely n’shit on the dance floor again.=

I may be sold on the quality and the range of potential bedroom hits this album gives us but he will always be compared to his best work thus far – his classic debut album Love/Hate. Love/Hate gave us so much flow and direction that you couldn’t skip a song. IV Play just doesn’t have that quality.

Maybe it’s the rap features. Personally, I feel like he’s his best when he’s doing R&B collabs and solo joints. For that fact I give it 3 ½ shades.

IV Play Rating

Give these tracks a listen and let us know what you think.

Until then, stay cool.


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