The College Chronicles: Roommate Blues

There are so many great things about college, from the parties and sports to the school pride. But there are also some not so great things about college and one of those things would be…roommates.

Before coming to college I’d heard so many horror stories about roommates that I was afraid to live on campus! After all, living with a complete stranger in a small contained space can get a little hectic. After having my share of roommate woes (especially as and when its 3 AM and your roommate is having a party five feet away from you) I have developed some tips (I call them the 3 C’s) to help you avoid the roommate blues.

Clean up after yourself.

You may throw your clothes on the floor and eat chips in bed, but you have to remember you’re not at home anymore. Be considerate of your roommate and try to stay organized. Making your bed and putting your clothes away will make your dorm room feel more comfortable and easy to move around.


There are no rules that say you can’t be cordial with your roommate (even if you really can’t stand them) or even friends. Your roommate lives with you so you’ll spend a lot of time with them and might have a few things in common outside of school. If not, having open communication from the beginning will help you guys when it’s time to discuss any disagreements or problems in your dorm room.


You may be a neat freak and like to alphabetize your lotion and smell goods but everyone is not like you and sometimes you can’t get your way. Your roommate may like to listen to music you don’t like or have company sometimes. It’s important to pick your battles and not to flip out over all the little things. Trust me, learning not to sweat the stuff with your roommate will be help you practice to do it in the real world.

What are some other tips you use to cope with your roommate? Do you have a crazy roommate story?

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