The College Chronicles: JSU Homecoming 2015 Edition

My favorite time of the semester has finally arrived — homecoming!

You know what that means, its time to turn up! Homecoming is the time to relax from our stressful college lives and do what college kids are “supposed” to do: party, party and party some more!

Although I fully endorse partaking in the turn-up, I don’t endorse acting a hot mess! Here are some tips to get through homecoming successfully. Whether you are a freshman or alumni, this guide is for you.

Dress appropriately

Homecoming (especially at an HBCU) is basically a fashion show. While its okay to dress to impress don’t forget to dress appropriately. If you know you can’t really walk in those heels, don’t wear them. You don’t want to be that girl who fell down the stairs at the club and has now gone viral. Opt for some cute and comfy wedges until you’ve conquered the stilettos. (Your feet will thank your later!)


Even though homecoming is usually the time to get a break from college, it’s also a good networking opportunity. Sometimes celebrities and public figures visit during homecoming and you never know who you may meet. There are also many alumni with great connections walking through the campus who may be looking to recruit new talent. It wont hurt to talk to a few people and have your business card handy.

Know Your Limit

If you don’t pay attention to anything else on this list, I hope you’ll pay attention to this one. Knowing your limit is crucial to getting through homecoming successfully. There are going to be lots of parties and a lot of alcohol. It’s ok to have fun and let loose but please don’t be that friend who gets so drunk they are dancing topless on tables. Keep in mind that anything crazy you do can easily be shared on social media and can have lasting effects long after homecoming.

Spend Wisely

There will be so many things to do during homecoming week from step shows and the homecoming game to the after parties and clubs. While you may want to attend every event, your pockets may not be set up that way. You still have a life to live after homecoming and you’re gonna need your coins, so its wise not to spend all your refund or paychecks making it rain in the club (unless they plan to let you live there after you get evicted).


College is where you will create some of your best memories with great people, so enjoy every moment of it while you can. Go to parties, drink a few drinks and laugh with your friends. Take lots of pictures and videos so you can look back on them and remember your glory days.

How are you planning to enjoy homecoming at your college? Share in the comment section below!

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