The Case for Em & Fab

If you follow Love & Hip Hop’s Emily B. on Instagram or Twitter, then you probably saw her post the pic that has sparked an online debate regarding her relationship with rapper, Fabolous. Emily is one of my favorite personalities on the show, besides Chrissy and Yandy, and I think she is also one of the most truthful. It takes a lot for a person to open up about their relationship to anyone much less millions of viewers.

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the story, but if not…here you go… Basically, Emily had “left” Fab because after about 10 years of dating, he still failed to acknowledge their relationship and fully committ. She moved into her own place with her kids and started a new beginning. But by the end of the second season of the show, she had started dating him again after he demonstrated the change she was looking for. Of course her cast mates and fans of the show criticized her decision and she found herself constantly defending their relationship. Their recent photo has left some questioning exactly how many chances a person should get before you leave them altogether.

Now I’ve been on just about every side of the fence as and when it comes to this relationship thing. I’ve been cheated on…I’ve been the cheater….I’ve been the other woman…I’ve played the games…I’ve dealt with harsh criticism and opinions…I’ve dealt with lack of acknowledgement…and I’ve been confused. Need I say more? The fact of the matter is that EVERY RELATIONSHIP IS DIFFERENT and I’ve learned that you can never say what you will or won’t do until you’re faced with that situation.

In Emily’s case, I feel like she knew what she was getting into by dating a rapper. Does he get a pass for cheating? Of course not! What I’m saying is that you have to consider if you are willing to put up with what comes with a person’s lifestyle before you enter into a relationship with them. I think perhaps they should have opted for an open relationship or set certain boundaries when it comes to third parties. No record label wants to sell the image of a rapper who is in a committed relationship…that would hurt his star potential. I think what I would have done was probably just keep things open with no attachments to protect myself from the drama. But then again, once you’re attached nothing can really protect you.

I applaud Emily for standing up for her relationship and it takes a strong woman (or man) to be with a person after being cheated on or publicly embarrassed. And my answer to the question of how many chances a person should get is simple – how ever many you feel they need. We are all human and will make mistakes until the day we die. Some people need more time than others to get it right. You have to set your own boundaries on what you will and will not accept and just go from there.

What do you think?

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