The Break-Up: Is It Truly The End Or Can You Actually Reconcile With An Ex?

Couple_Breaking_Up_-_BreakerHow many people have experienced the infamous bad break-up complete with days in bed, random outburst of tears, and a box of tissue on your nightstand?

*Shyly raises hand*

Relax, you’re not alone.

Break-ups are hard to bounce back from for some, while others choose to take this “free time” to focus solely on themselves and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I know someone who was recently dumped, but was told reconciliation is a possibility in the future. Of course, she was ecstatic to hear that their love wasn’t completely lost. However, she was told that personal growth must take place before they could reconcile.

Now, this could be viewed as total foolishness. However, an optimistic, hopeless romantic may still harbor the smallest inkling of hope that this may just be legit. If you’re in that category, defining what “personal growth” means is vital. Does it mean self-reflection, listening to the problems your significant other noticed in you, or both? Either way the issue is viewed, personal time to fully be aware of your self is essential. If a professor hands back a paper with edits, wouldn’t you revise the paper based off the professor’s feedback?

In this sense, IF the person is genuinely serious about reconciling in the future, then taking time out for yourself is beneficial. Even if reconciliation never occurs, at least the person emerging from the ashes is a NEW and IMPROVED version that learned a valuable lesson and he/she will hopefully be better equipped for the next relationship (void of the previous problems).

What do you think? Is someone telling you to “work on yourself” nonsense, or does that mean that love is still there, but certain issues need to be addressed before reconciliation?

Let us know in the comment section!


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