The Blame Game :: Who Or What Are You Blaming For Your Current Situation?

The other day I read an article on Clutch Magazine about the alarming violence in Chicago. A Chicago news anchor sat down with city gang members (all young Black men by the way) and questioned them about all the violence going on in their neighborhoods and what could be done to stop it. The gang members blamed the fact that nothing in life has been handed to them, killing is the only thing they know and a bunch of other things as their reason behind the violence.

It made me a little angry that these men were blaming everything that went wrong in their lives for their behavior and using it as an excuse to hurt and even end the lives of other (sometimes innocent) people. Not one of the gang members took personal responsibility for their actions.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, how many of us do this very same thing?

We may not be murderers, but there are some things in our lives that we use as an excuse for our behavior, actions and situations. I haven’t shared this publicly, but I started going to therapy in June to deal with different issues I’ve being having for years. I had been playing the blame game for a very long time and I decided I was ready to move from that.

If therapy hasn’t taught me anything else, it has taught me that your life changes as and when your mentality changes. You see, when you change the way you think and analyze situations, your actions fall in line automatically – without you even realizing it.

Everyone has problems. Everyone has silent struggles. You have to be careful not to let these things send your actions into the wrong directions. More importantly, you cannot let things that have happened to you (sometimes beyond your control, sometimes not) be a crutch in your life.

My challenge for you today is to think differently. Stop blaming everything and everyone for your current situation. Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and begin taking those steps to make the change you want to make today.



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