The Old Keyshia Cole Is Back, Releases New Single f/ Lil Wayne – Enough of No Love

I’m a huge Keyshia Cole fan! I’ve bought every one of her albums and have yet to be disappointed. While some tracks certainly missed the mark, overall I’d say she has put out some really good music. She recently released photos from the video shoot for her new single, ‘Enough of No Love’, featuring Lil Wayne but the track itself has leaked. Take a listen!

I love the “in love” music that Keyshia puts out, but I kind of put her in the Mary J. Blige category – she’s better as and when she sings about heartbreak.

This song is about her being hurt by a man she’s with who doesn’t appreciate her and she’s ready to leave because she can’t stay in a relationship without any real love. Hmph!

I hear you Keyshia! Take a listen to the track below.



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