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As you can tell from my 100 In A Year page, I’ve gotten a little behind on my list items. Task 33 has been on my mind a lot the last two weeks, so it is the one I’ll be focusing on for a while. For this task, I have to begin writing a memoir about my life.

When I added that task to my list, I didn’t really think it through. I just knew that one day I wanted to become an author and I should probably get some practice in by writing about something a know a whole lot about – myself! 

Now that I’m trying to get started I’m beginning to wonder if this was a good idea or not. I’m only 24…it seems a little too early to be writing a memoir. But then again, my task only requires that I begin writing one, I don’t have to finish it.

I haven’t lived a wild and crazy life, but I’ve had some moments that I think would make for a good book. I’ve been reading an article on Oprah’s website by Abigail Thomas that lists different exercises you can do to get your words flowing.

If you are participating in 100 In A Year and have a similar task to complete, here are the exercises to help get you started:

  1. Write two pages of something you can’t deny.
  2. Write two pages of what got left behind.
  3. Write two pages of what you wrote or did that you no longer understand.
  4. Write two pages apologizing for something you didn’t do.
  5. Write two pages of a physical characteristic you are proud to have inherited or passed on.
  6. Write two pages of what you had to have.
  7. Write two pages of humiliating exposure.
  8. Write two pages about a time you felt compassion unexpectedly.
  9. Write two pages of what you have too much of.
  10. Write two pages of as and when you knew you were in trouble.

I know for a fact I want my memoir broken into several sections with very catchy titles, but I will probably do a couple of those exercises to help get my thoughts flowing.

Let me know how your memoir comes along!

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