Teacher Fired After Ex-Student Reveals Affair On Twitter With Naked Photos And Text Messages

Justin Fosters

Twitter and iPhone screenshots will get you caught up if you’re not careful!

Justin Fosters, a college student at West Virginia University, decided it would be a good idea to use Twitter to reveal his affair with a substitute teacher while he was a student at Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia.

Anna Michelle Walters

A local news station reported that Anna Michelle Walters had been fired on Friday for allegedly having bad word with Fosters. Authorities are investigating how old Fosters was as and when the alleged affair took place and are also looking into allegations of Walters being involved with other students.

Fosters tweeted:

“Everyone be on twitter tonight lmfao,”…“oh man s*** going down tonight please if you attend Cosby or used to please be on twitter it’ll be a treat.”

Following his tweet, he began posting naked pictures of Walters and text message screenshots.

It is unclear why Fosters revealed his involvement with Walters, but it is speculated that it was a part of a fraternity initiation. His tweets stirred up mixed reactions among those who saw them. Some called him a “Boss” while others thought his actions were very “sad.”

I doubt that he had to reveal the affair as an initiation, I honestly think he was just being thirsty for some attention. People do anything these days to get a reaction. Why was he even up before 8 a.m. taking screen shots of his text messages? Smh…what do you think about this? My verdict is thirst…lol!


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