#TBT: Jessica’s Senior Prom (PHOTOS)

Ever since I wrote an article about having my prom dress designed to look like Beyonce’s dress in the Cater 2 U video, I’ve had SO MANY people to email me about the dress, wanting to see what it actually looked like. Since I moved into a new place, I was able to find my high school senior scrapbook that contained all the photos of the dress and I can finally share it!

I attended Murrah High School in Jackson, Mississippi and my senior prom was on April 7, 2006 (almost 10 years ago LAWD I’m getting old) and I went with my high school sweetheart Jhermi, who remains a very good friend to this day. I was stanning for Beyonce’ right before the Beyhive really got started and I wanted her dress from the Cater 2 U video so bad. I’ve always loved wearing the color black and I wanted to be fancy with a custom designed dress.


A member of the church that I was attending at the time (Pearlie Grove M.B. Church) was a designer and he created the dress for me. Now this was before screenshots were around so I can’t remember how we were able to find the dress to pattern it. I think I recorded the video or printed off a clip from the Internet…I’m not really sure but we got it done and it was very close to her dress.


I had a little side boob action (I wish my boobs were this small again *tears*) and my back looked amazing (more tears) and this was definitely a night I’ll always remember. I loved my high school class and most of us are still in contact with one another. We were really close knit and embraced everyone in the class – no one was left out of the “circle.” We all had our friends or “cliques,” but we were very united and mature for our age at the time.

Good times!


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