Target Employee That Was Slapped By Katt Williams Gets FIRED

I’m a little confused. I don’t understand how you get slapped at work and then turn around and get fired but that’s exactly what happened to Forrest Liebenberg, the Target employee who was slapped by comedian Katt Williams on November 25.

Liebenberg told CBS 13 that he was fired from his job with very little explanation but it was “obvious” that his termination was based on the incident with Williams.

Liebenberg also says he didn’t know who Williams was before the incident or realized how serious the situation was with Target. He suspects that the retail giant fired him because they believe he leaked the video to the media, which he denies doing.

I feel sorry for Liebenberg because he’s out of a job and no one wants to be unemployed and definitely not during the holidays. He told CBS 13:

“People are saying he’s worth millions of dollars, and he just cost me my job. Of course that’s going to be upsetting. It is a little upsetting that someone of his stature can act like they can just get away with this kind of stuff.”

Katt Williams has been charged with battery after being caught on camera slapping Liebenberg.

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