Taking A Break Is SO Necessary


Thanksgiving was last week and not only did I take a break from working with the nonprofit I help out with, I also took a break from blogging and a limited break from social media aside from a photo/tweet or two. As much of a workaholic that I can be, I’m trying to learn how to have and create a balance NOW instead of as and when it’s too late (when I’m making millions and many more people are depending on me than they do now).

During my break I decided to forgo checking my multiple email and social media accounts and focus on doing things for me instead. For instance, I went to the movies, I started reading a new book, I spent time with my family and friends doing things I’d stopped doing and I even worked on some of my 100 In A Year list items. And you know what? It felt great!

Not only was I able to have a little peace from technology, I was able to focus on myself and making myself happy with the little things that mean so much.

I used to feel guilty when I wasn’t working. Here I am in my mid-twenties still trying to find my way in life and hustle to make my dreams come true…how dare I take a day off?! But that day off is so necessary because it keeps me from burning myself out. A year or two ago I met this business coach who told me to stop staying awake all night and working without getting enough sleep because it would burn me out. I thought he was crazy, but it turns out he was right.

Being mentally fresh is essential to maximizing your creativity and productivity and keeping yourself sane. Now I’m confident that I can get ALL my work done this week without complaining or feeling like I need a break, because I’ve already given myself one.


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