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Surviving The Cold :: 15 Ways To Tie Your Scarf

The cold weather hasn’t been a mainstay here in Mississippi yet but in other places around the country, the temperature has dropped – and stayed there.

Thanks to The Fashion Spot, we found 15 ways you can style your scarves this season.

1. The Half Bow: Loop the scarf once and tie once like the first step in tying a shoelace. Take one side of the scarf, making a loop like you’re only tying one side of a bow. Then, take the longer side of the scarf and wrap it in front and then behind the entire scarf, next to your neck. Fluff the loop as much as you’d like and you’re done!

2. The Bow: Wrap the scarf around your neck, making sure that both ends are even. Tie the scarf just as you would tie any bow. (Tip: Longer scarves work best for this look.)

3. Braid: Double up the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Take one end and thread it through the loop, rotate the loop, and then thread through the other end.

4. Scarf Rosette Belt: Wrap the scarf around your waist and twist it until the scarf starts to curl around itself. Keep twisting and then place the twisted sections around in a flower shape. Finally, finish the look by tucking in the ends.

5. Layered Knot: Put the scarf around your neck so that the ends hang in back. Wrap the ends around to the front and loosen the section of scarf around your neck. Tie the dangling ends together and then pull the loop around your neck in front of the knot.

6. Slip Knot: Double up your scarf and wrap it around the back of your neck. Then, slip both ends of the scarf into the loop.

7. Half-Bow Cinch: With the center of the scarf on the front of your neck, wrap the ends around your neck and back to the front. Then tie the ends together and bring one end up in a loop like tying a “bunny ear” on your shoelaces. Tighten and fluff.

8. Knotted Loop: Take both ends of the scarf and tie them together. Then open the loop and put it around your neck. (works better with skinny scarves)

9. Muffler: Take one end of a wide scarf and place it on your shoulder. Take one corner from the other end and make a little knot on one shoulder. Leave the last corner free to give the triangle look.

10. Knot Row: Wrap a thinner scarf around the back of your neck and start making ties. Leave a little space and make more ties. Adjust the scarf so that it looks straight.

11. Slip Knot Ascot: Tie a regular slip knot and then take one end of the scarf and tuck it around and back into the loop.

12. Simple Double-Knot: Take each end of the scarf and make a knot. Adjust each end so that they are even with equal lengths extending from the knots.

13. Neck Rosette: Take a skinny scarf and wrap it around your neck. Start twisting the scarf until it curls and then start wrapping the scarf around itself. Tuck in the ends.

14. Fake Knot: Tie a loop at one end of your scarf and leave it loose. Slip the other end of the scarf into the loop and tighten it to taste.

15. Double Loop Wrap: Start with the middle of your scarf on the back of your neck. Loop the ends of the scarf around and back to the front. Tie the two ends together with a simple tie to make the second layer.

SOURCE: The Fashion Spot

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