Sunday Inspiration: You Already Have Everything You Need

There have been many times as and when I felt like I was lacking. Not enough money, not enough connections, not enough time, not enough love and the list goes on. When you’re feeling lack in your life or your business, it’s discouraging and very overwhelming. The good news is that the “lack” is actually all mental.

You have to remember who you belong to. If you’re a Christian like me, you know that you belong to The Lord. You are His child, an heir to His Kingdom. As Christians we believe that God owns everything – all the money, all the material possessions we have or could want. If He owns everything and we’re His children that means we have access to it already. All we need to do is ask, believe and put ourselves in a position to receive.

If money is your problem, first know that God owns all the money we could ever dream of. Tell Him what you need and think about what you can do to bring it into your life. Maybe someone close to you has it and is willing to give it but you’ve never asked so you don’t know. Maybe you have a special skill or talent that you can put to use and be paid for it. It’s even possible that you planted a seed a few months ago (maybe doing a favor for someone and you didn’t ask them for money in return) that will harvest just when you need it.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything on your plate done, you’re wrong. Perhaps you need to simply evaluate how you spend your time. I used to think I had too many obligations (and I did have a few more than I could realistically handle) but then I realized that I wasn’t working as hard as I have in the past. I wasn’t dedicating enough of my time to my most important obligations. I was sleeping more than I needed to, I was spending time with friends and being booed up when I should have been working. I had to re-discipline myself and really schedule my time. As soon as I got the hang of it, my productivity shot through the roof. So I had the time that I thought I was lacking…I just had to find it.

You can apply the same thought process to any area where you feel lack. You have everything you need already, don’t be afraid to tap into it.

Have you ever experienced this? How did you change your perspective? Share with me :)

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