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Sunday Inspiration: Put The Haters On MUTE In 2015 (And Beyond)

I know the term “hater” is so 2001, but let’s be real – some people cannot be classified as anything else. At any given day, during any given hour I can log into any of my social media accounts and see someone being negative toward someone else or about something they saw or read.

They’re telling people not to pray, telling people that they need to abandon their dreams, complaining because someone is using their social media account for certain purposes…they just always have something to say.

Here’s what I’m doing this year and I’m encouraging you to do the same – put the haters on mute. Seriously, silence them and all the noise that they add to your life.

I read about noise and negativity a few years back and I learned that we must become immune to the opinions of others. If you have a dream or goals that you’d like to achieve, train yourself on how to hear and not hear what people have to say about it. Many times we let their (negative) opinions get into our heads and we start believing all the things they told us. This way of living and operating is not going to get us the results we want. Instead of making progress and celebrating small victories along the way, we will end up doubting ourselves, afraid to try to reach those goals and we’ll feel unworthy of the happiness and success we desire.

I’m planning to mute the haters by removing anyone from any of my social media accounts who seem to thrive on negativity. I don’t keep company with negative people so I pretty much only have this problem online – and it’s a very easy fix. I also plan to continue the habit of keeping my plans and dreams and visions very close to me. Sometimes we can share with the wrong people and end up experiencing some of those things I mentioned above.

However you decide to do it, make sure that you really assess your environment for that negative noise and put it on mute!



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