Sunday Inspiration :: Love Yourself, Flaws And All


It used to make me feel some kinda way as and when someone assumed I was interested in weight loss products or regimens because I’m a “big girl.” I can’t seem to understand why a person would automatically assume that because I’m a big girl that I’m not satisfied with how I look or how I am made. In turn, I felt judged. Every now and then I still am bothered by people’s assumptions of me because I’m not a size 6… Then I brush their insecurities off of me and keep it moving. (That’s right: THEIR insecurities).

Some people are more insecure by what others think about who they befriend or date, rather than being honest about what type of person they like or who they are attracted to. So instead of focusing your energy on what someone thinks of you, which is none of your business anyway, think of yourself with a new “weight loss” regimen: Look at yourself in the mirror. Examine yourself internally and externally. And renounce society’s judgement of your image and find happiness within and outside of yourself! Release the weight of society’s shallow views! All of us are unique individuals, fearfully and wonderfully made!

Don’t get me wrong though, I am a firm believer in healthy choices and being active to stay healthy! And the bottom line is –> if YOU dont like something: change it! But keep in mind that I said if YOU don’t like it. Not everyone else. Again, who cares what the next person thinks?! Take it from me, there is no way you were mistakenly put here on earth designed the way you are :) whether it is freckled, short, medium, nerdy, curvy, straight, light, skinny, big, dark, white, brown or tall.

I think we become more invested in being accepted by society or peers than we are concerned with being accepted by our own self. Which brings on negative weight. This is where self-esteem issues come into play. Lack of self esteem is the issue and society is the issuer -if we allow it. When we let society tell us how we should think, look, dress, eat, and be… Our self confidence is compromised because we only see the flaws in ourselves when they don’t match society’s “standards”.

When we learn to love ourselves with deep admiration and accepts our imperfections and flaws we can flourish into unknown places. Loving yourself comes from knowing who you are. And when you truly love yourself you won’t allow anyone in your life that doesn’t accept you as you are.

And Like the late great Whitney Houston sang: “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”

Keep pressing and love yourself… Flaws and all!!


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