Sunday Inspiration :: Don’t Give Up, You Can Reach The Finish Line


We’re almost halfway into the new year and as with any other year, resolutions were set in the beginning but at some point the finish line drifted further and further away.

And we can be pretty sure that by now, more than half of those resolutions have been broken. The resolutions failed because there weren’t any expectations in front of them! Only promises with no vision, no plan, no thought process…

Expectancy is what keeps a person going. In order to expect a great outcome, we must put in a great effort to achieve it. In contrast, If we don’t expect a favorable outcome or if we have no expectations at all we won’t work hard to achieve our goal and more than likely we will give up! This is evident in relationships, educational attainment, money management, weight loss, quitting bad habits, career goals, spiritual growth, etc. – all of which are common new year resolutions. It’s important for us to live a life of expectancy to achieve any of it.


Expectancy is simply faith. And real faith is not stagnant. In fact, faith is action, it’s at work, it’s forever becoming, it’s not dull, it’s loud and it’s boisterous. You won’t attain that college degree without faith (expectancy), working hard at it, and being confident that you will receive it.

Another reason we give up sometimes is because we try to do it all alone. Of course, you should believe in yourself, but let’s be honest we fail ourselves sometimes. It’s important that we have a support system and/or a belief system where we can refuel and keep it going. Many times we start working to achieve a certain goal or resolution and we give up because somewhere down the line we lose willpower, courage or confidence in ourselves. And as a result, we give up our expectations and the probability of a positive outcome. Doing it all by yourself doesn’t work all the time! At some point we all need an extra boost or a dose of encouragement.

Marathon runners train heavily, they practice, they prepare, they use their coaches’ advice, they begin with one ultimate goal in mind: reaching the finish line. It’s not about winning, as much as it is about succeeding in finishing the race. See your goals through by preparing with a plan and using your support system along the way. More importantly, expect the great and begin with the end in mind!

Keep Pressing!


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success as and when they gave up.”
Thomas A. Edison, US inventor (1847 – 1931)



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