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Styling 101: Achieving The Perfect Curl

curling wand on natural hair

Image via My Natural Sistas

There are so many techniques women use to achieve different looks, yet curls seem to be the most popular style of choice.

For the perfect curls you need a few of the essentials.
– Curling iron or curling wand
– Holding spray

To obtain your curl for the next day:
– Flexi rods or bobby pins

Step 1 – Detangle hair using a bristle brush.

Step 2 – Part your hair in small sections.

Step 3 – Adjust the heat on the curling utensil to your liking, but try not to let it get too hot.

Step 4 – Curl the hair up the curling wand like a spiral or start from the end of the hair and roll the hair back towards you (when using the curling iron).

Step 5 – While hair is wound up on the wand or curling iron, hold that position for a couple of seconds and then unwind the hair from the wand. With the curling iron, use your thumb to lift up the clip and continue in a repetitive motion while slowly pulling the curling iron downward away from you until you’ve removed your hair (which is now curled) from the device.

Step 5 – Repeat these steps until you’ve curled your entire head or created the desired amount of curls.

Step 6 – Lightly spray holding spray on hair holding the bottle 3 inches away.

To preserve these curls for the next day you can use flexi-rods or the pin curl technique.

Image via Naptural85

Image via Naptural85


Step 1 – De-tangle hair and part it into about 4-6 sections.

Step 2 – Your hair still resembles a curl & the flexi-rod will bend into any shape. Starting at the end of your hair, roll your hair upward, downward, or diagonal (whichever direction you chose for your curl) until you’ve reached your scalp. Bend the flexi-rod in order for it to stay.

Step 3 – Continue with the rest of your hair.

Step 4 – Place a bonnet on for the night and get ready to unravel in the morning.

Pin Curl

Step 1 – De-tangle hair and part into sections, how many ever you choose.

Step 2 – Your hair still resembles the curl from earlier. Simply roll your curl into the shape of a circle, with your hands in whichever direction it was curled until you reach your scalp.

Step 3 – Simply bobby pin it to hold its place.

Step 4 – Continue with your entire head.

Step 6 – Place bonnet on your head for the night and unravel in the morning.

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